Who we are

Codnity Group is located in Latvia. Latvia is globally known for its high-quality workforce that is precise, hard-working, respectful, and always open-minded. We work 9 months a year 24/7, other months there is nothing to do as the weather is cold and daylight is on average 8 hours a day. Most of the Latvians speak almost pure English with that 1% of colorful Russian swearword addition.

However, Codnity Group doesn't consist of Latvians only. We are actively looking for talent in other parts of the world - East Europe, Russia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, China, India, etc. We believe that the virtues which we are looking for in our team members are all around the world. Therefore, our current team is global with hard-working people.

Our values

Each of our team members is different, but we all go along with these values and always are looking for them in our latest rising star at Codnity:

Coding in integrity

We see all our work being highly important and valuable, we aim for the highest quality and deliver with the utmost regard. We show a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values to our team members, peers, partners, clients, and all people around us. We do not compromise our integrity under any circumstance .

Coding in openness

We believe in openness between ourselves and our clients. We are not afraid of difficult issues, questions, and calls. If we believe that something is wrong within organization or our work, we are obliged to speak out. We are not afraid to admit our mistakes, correct them, and learn from them. We listen, learn and teach simultaneously within our team. We are open.

Coding in fun

We may seem like serious people, but we do not forget about fun. We believe that each person’s life should contain daily fun. Fun is part of a happy life. Spending at least 33% of our waking hours working, we do not forget about laughing, joking, entertainment, hobbies, small chats, and so much more. We do not consider ourselves too serious, it’s fun to work with us.

Our founders

If you want to see our professional background, check Founders Experience. We believe that one of the main ingredients in successful partnerships is to get to know ourselves as people. You get to know us as personalities with our own interests and stories. After that we can talk business. How about you? Tell us, what you like and what’s your story.

Janis Anspaks
Janis Anspaks

Half human, half software. Janis is the most linear thinking guy you can find. He likes mountain snowboarding, books, jokes, and tech. No, he loves tech. Janis is also a big supporter of harmonized and well-balanced city life. He lives in the city center and is not planning to move away into the suburbs. In his own words: "You simply cannot get food as nice as in the city elsewhere.". What can you conclude? He is an epicure. Originally comes from a rough, tough, and cold place, but full of warm people - Latgale. He is honest, true, and does not mess around when he does his job.

Founders experience

Girts Ledins
Girts Ledins

Half of the time funny, mostly not. Girts is a serial entrepreneur, but that is a really boring description. Yes, he has had an extensive experience with numbers, figures, dough flows, with balanced and not so balanced sheets. But that does not tell anything about him. Girts is a family guy and dad of two beautiful boys. He claims himself as a patriarch, but everyone who knows him sees very well who calls the shots in the family. When he was young and did not know much about business, he played on the National Junior Basketball team. He even earned money by playing ball, 150 USD a month. Funny, that made him feel like a king. Do not judge, he was sixteen. Now he is more laid back, reads a lot of books, and is ready to hustle hard when shit needs to be done.

Founders experience

Codnity is an independent full-cycle IT development company from Latvia. We provide unique products and solutions for businesses of any size, considering their purpose and philosophy.

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